With Stories Made & Measured

Lychee is a marketing agency that blurs lines. We create engaging experiences to tell compelling stories that connect brands with people.

The right people with the right brand in the right places. Then we measure and quantify the response, adapting and scaling as needed.

Hovering over boxes makes things more exciting!

Because trust is what makes the sale. Relatability is what generates the trust. Engaging content is what draws in those who relate.

Brands develop naturally in any business. You know what sets your business apart and what kind of customers you want, we help clarify and express that.

Because we know how and where to create engaging stories, experiences, conversations that solidify a brand voice and build lasting relationships.

And we can move fast. Real-time response. Real flexibility for really relevant messages, right when and where they're wanted.

2 Our model is testable and scalable approaches to engaging ideas - big impact branding without big risk money.

Rather than charge a premium for ideas, we charge to cover costs in the first instance. Then we profit as our work brings profits, transparently.

That means less time negotiating pricing and more time developing a mutually beneficial relationship between your brand and market, with our help.

It's about clarifying a branding framework, setting a strong foundation that can inform all aspects of your marketing long-term.

From the words used in your tagline to whether you pay people to tattoo your brand on their foreheads, a fleshed-out brand framework keeps choices consistent.

A consistent brand is a trustworthy brand. Relatable, on the level.

3 Websites, landing pages, keywords, PPC, social media, PR, retargeting, emails, video, blogs, apps, QR codes, articles, SEO, CRO, split tests, SMS, and all the rest.

They are to modern marketing what words are to poets, tools to get your message across effectively.

Tools you learn how to use, so you can confidently combine them into something new - because only bespoke solutions stand out.

The world's media is multi-channel, and there's no one path that leads through brand exposure, to engagement, to sales.

The question isn't how to get your target market onto the right path, it's how can your message work with the multiple paths your market engages with.

That's what Lychee do really well - build engaging things that fit.


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